A short video game about the importance of protecting the environment

Minimum requirements: a modern-ish game-capable PC or Mac, 8GB memory, keyboard/mouse or gamepad


Our Earth Your Choice is a short video game 'demo' with 4 levels. It was developed with 25 children and young people aged 8-20 over Zoom during the Covid lockdowns. Some of them are pictured above!

Artists and developers from One to One Development Trust engaged in a series of workshops over Zoom exploring different concepts, ideas, and mechanics for the game, with practical examples delivered via screensharing. The children and young people produced a wide range of material which can be viewed in the Our Earth Your Choice Online Gallery. Here's a sample:


Help a team of eco-activist characters restore the balance of the Earth’s climate 

 Taking on important missions set in different places around the world. Completing these missions increases the Earth’s overall health – which starts off at 50%, in the balance, at the beginning of the game.



A scientist who undertakes research in woods testing air and soil quality for pollution. Cory loves finding new ways to solve problems and is quick thinking and very practical. If something is broken, then Cory is the person who could fix it.

William Jones

Born in the Caribbean where he used to swim every day in the ocean. He has won lots of swimming competitions and has become known for his abilities to deep sea dive. 


Australian, Sydney is interested in animals and wildlife, when the bushfires hit his hometown and burnt his house, he decided that he needed to get involved in conservation and helping the environment to make it a better place. 


Originally from China, Shui has just graduated from university after studying marine biology where she developed a particular interest in polar bears. To relax and in her down time she loves to meditate and do martial arts.


Explore our vibrant new virtual gallery documenting the impact of the project. Explore in your browser on the computer or use your mobile phone (best viewed landscape). Follow the link below or scan the QR code to begin.


Images from the prototype game showing different levels

Images from the Evaluation Gallery documenting the process and impact of the project

Our Earth Your Choice has been made possible as a Creative Challenge funded by Wakefield Council