Created by children and young people aged between 8-20 through a series of Zoom workshops and masterclasses during the COVID lockdowns with games designers from Wakefield-based arts charity One to One Development Trust





Within the zoom sessions and masterclasses, participants learnt how to use Twine, Scratch, Tiled, Unity, Coppercube, Mixamo amongst other programs and websites

Participants gained a working knowledge in various areas of games development, including how to make a story in Twine, how to design a simple Scratch game, how to design level maps, prototyping, AI, textures and materials, terrain and terrain makers, colliders, post processing, sound FX/ voice FX, and much more!

Sessions were also tailored to address 7 key areas of personal development: Confidence Building, Teamwork, Active Listening, Communication, Planning, Problem-solving and Critical Thinking. The Wakefield Resilience Framework was embedded into the Our Earth Your Choice project. 

Jordan Erica Webber session

 Industry Insight- Jordan Erica Webber (February 2021)

Participants were joined by guest speaker Jordan Erica Webber- resident video games expert on The Gadget Show (Channel 5), an arts and culture presenter for BBC Radio 4, and host of podcasts, for an industry expert session. Jordan gave a presentation about her personal journey and career highlights so far and opened the session up for questions and answers, for which participants had prepared questions to ask her.

"Having a game expert to come on and see what we were doing was really cool"

"I liked talking to Jordan because she taught me a lot about the games industry"

With Banners Held High Event Letter

 With Banner Held High Event: ‘Youth Voice- Speaking Up for the Planet’ (May 2021)

Four OEYC team members (Teams 1-4) volunteered to present at the Youth Voice event, speaking about the Our Earth Your Choice project and their passion for the environment. 32 people were attended the online Zoom event and the team received some amazing feedback!

“Wonderful work. Proud of you guys.”

“Love the game - brilliant presentation!”

Lucy K Character Session

 Industry Insight- Lucy Kyriakidou (May 2021)

Participants were joined by Loukia/ Lucy Kyriakidou, freelance video game artist- 2D and animation, for an industry insight session. Lucy’s art has helped bring more than 20 games to life. Lucy gave a presentation about her personal journey and career highlights so far and opened the session up for questions and answers, for which participants had prepared questions to ask her.

“Good to know that you can do what you want if you set your mind to it and have passion about it, and that's going to set me on the right path towards a bright future"

"Knowing that there's people out there that do what I do for fun for a living. It just really excites me for the future."

Our Earth Your Choice Team photo

 Gaming @ Festival of the Earth Event, WX Former Market Hall (August 2021)

Participants attended the Gaming Day Event and were ambassadors for the project. They spoke to members of the public and went through the various levels with people- talking about the game, their input and the project as a whole. Five participants from across the four teams volunteered to be part of the presentation at the Event at 2 PM on the main stage. Each participant spoke about the project and how it has helped them gain  knowledge and skills.

"Giving the speech in the Market Hall really boosted his confidence speaking to lots of people."- Family member, Team 2

Artwalk interview filming

 Artwalk Wakefield Event (November 2021)

Participants joined Young Lives Consortium in the WF-I-Can Safe Place in the Ridings Shopping Centre to showcase Our Earth Your Choice to members of the public and playtest the game with local young people from various community centres and organisations throughout the district. A presentation of all the artwork submitted so far was playing throughout the event.


Launch Event at the Art House ( July 2022) 

A celebration event for the launch of Our Earth Your Choice was held at the Art House in Wakefield on 2nd July 2022. Participants were joined by the Mayor of Wakefield Metropolitan District Council Councillor David Jones for Pontefract South the Mayoress, and Cllr Jack Hemingway Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Climate Change, who gave speeches about the importance of projects like Our Earth Your Choice and climate change. Participants were each presented with a certificate by the Mayor of Wakefield Metropolitan District and the Mayoress.

“I am extremely grateful for this rare opportunity. Not everyone will get to make a game in their life.”

Want to play?

The first Alpha release of OEYC is now available to download - and it's completely free to play!