Project Review

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Project Review

Created by Leo, Team 1

Hello everyone, this is a document about the Our Earth Your Choice project.

I think it was very interesting when Jordan Erica Webber came to our meeting yesterday, and I liked hearing about her job and the video games she liked. It will be really good if she will be talking about Our Earth Your Choice, as it will get more people to know about the game and for it to be more popular.

I also have a few ideas for the game. There could be a map of each level, and each “level” could have like 8 or 9 mini-levels in it. There could also be enemies on the levels to make it harder, and maybe after the game is finished we could do updates for the game where we do stuff like add more levels, like desert levels and underground levels and in-the-sky levels.

I think Tiara’s ideas for the game are really good, especially the one about the Earth having a health bar as well as the player.

Leo 13/2/2021