Please note the game is currently for PC and Mac only

For background information about the project, controls and other useful extras, please view the Help & Instructions document. If you have any enquiries please email

Alpha Release 1.6 - 22nd December 2022
- New title screen added introducing the game
- BUGFIX: Ocean level arrow key controls and compass fixed
- BUGFIX: Mac version is now digitally signed with an installer
- BUGFIX: Forest Level didn't recognise 100% environment health - Cheat Mode keyboard shortcut now unlocks levels on the Earth Menu - New 'Free Roam' mode in Settings (no missions!) - Desert and Artic levels locked - Unlocked levels are remembered even if you quit the game - Mini Map zoom out increased on the Ocean level - Arctic level updated to be slightly easier :) - Various bug fixes and animation tweaks - Quit button added in Settings menu