Experiments and mini-games from the OEYC Team


Note: these playable interactives work in most browsers including Safari.

Tiara's 3D Gameworld

Tiara’s 3D Gameworld

Take a look at Tiara's hand crafted 3D level made in Blender and Unity, complete with mini-map. Collect litter and take it to recycle bins.
Leo's Playable Level Map

Leo’s Playable Level Map

Explore Leo's level design created in Tiled - collect all the litter before you run out of time.
CJ's Playable Level Map

CJ’s Playable Level Map

Explore this level map created by CJ from Team 2 using Tiled software - and with music from Charlie (also from Team 2). Collect all the litter to win!
Clean Up The Park

Clean Up The Park

A basic 2D movement demo we've been making in Unity. Clean all the litter out of the park before the timer runs out!

Prototype Game Mechanics

These interactives only work in modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge. They will not work in Safari.

Boat Mechanics

Boat Mechanics

Use WAS and D on the keyboard to drive the boat around in this simple game mechanics demo. Keep an eye out for the fish!
Earth Menu System

Earth Menu System

An interactive menu we've been creating for the game where you choose your mission and characters.