Playtest by Tiara (Team Four)


April 2022 | by Tiara, Team Four

This is where I will write my thoughts and analysis of the game as I play it and list what I think are strengths, weaknesses, and things that can be added or things in the game that I think could be possible threats.

The menus

First of all the menus are amazing! They make you want to play the game as they are easy to navigate, look so nice and are just different. I like how you can pick your character and it's not complex to do; it's easy to select the level that you want to play and then the character that you want to play as. The fact the the earth changes colour to tell you what level of health it is at before you play is really good as it makes it more realistic. The earth in real life is always changing due to pollution and the fact it spins is another amazing detail that this menu has and it shows.

Another cool thing about this menu is the glowing green areas where the level takes place. It's really good to know where you need to click to play the level you want to play. The colours of the menus go with the game as well and are just nice colours to look at.

The character selection is a good way to select characters. In the past, with games that I've played in the character selection is sometimes long and really not easy to navigate but in this game it's easier and so much better in my opinion.
I also like that when you select a character it tells you all about them and what they are about. That's a good thing as sometimes in some games you're just left with the looks of the character and no backstory to them. I like how they are all different.

I also like how these menus can be used so that you can use a controller. I  just realised that the colours of the menu are also the colours the earth; green and blue!

character menu

The Forest Level

So, the first thing I noticed were the signs- I just thought these were so good when I saw  them and they go with the theme of the level so well! Also, in my opinion makes it easier for the player to navigate around the map, alongside the mini map.  I like how all the main areas of the level are highlighted more on the map and I also like how it shows where the player is facing with a cone of light on the mini map.

A strength is that missions in this level are fun to play and the fact that the different mission areas are in between areas of trees makes it more immersive. Instead of the missions being in one area it's spread across the map in different areas and as you play you see different places of interest and little cool areas like the shipping container with the junk muncher graffiti on it! I just like how all the initial ideas are somewhere on the map and it just makes this level more interesting and fun to play through.

This is one of the levels that I think overall is the best to play (mission-wise). I like how all the different areas of the map play into the missions as well, they're just not areas of a map they are a part of the level as well; which makes it more interesting. I like how the trees look more alive as you get the earth healthier, it just looks vibrant and more alive and the sounds of the birds match with the environment that you are playing through.


Map of forest level

junk muncher graffiti detail

The Ocean Level

So, the Ocean Level is one of my favourite levels as it just looks amazing! It does look how a tropical sea would; see through, clear and just amazing colours. Gameplay wise it's fun as well! I like how the level uses sea-based travel to complete missions, like the part where you have to dive to collect plastic in the ocean. It is a really good gameplay mechanic and it really suits this level really well.

The fact that there's a solar battery is a really cool thing to have as well.

The fact that the ocean has its own health is also very good, as in real life there are different types of pollution (land , sea and air) and I like how this game explores them all. For land, it is in the forest level and is shown through the litter on the floor. For the Ocean Level, it's shown through the sea's colour, life just disappearing and turning brown and red which indicates that the sea life is dying and the corals have died. It's like that in real life! When the sea is polluted it turns brown and dead looking, so I like how through this level (depending if you save the sea's health or not) it shows you what it would look like if you were to speed up the pollution. It's very accurate to what would really happen. I like that as this level could be used as a warning to save the seas from all the plastics and oil spills.

Ocean level health bar
Wave file screen grab from Jay’s 'Boss Fight' Soundtrack


The Desert Level

So, the Desert Level is a nice looking desert, but I find it to be massive area and find that I do get lost even though there's a mini map. It's still so massive, which is good as deserts in real life are massive amounts of areas with nothing in. However, this Desert Level has plants and snakes in, so its more interesting then the real life ones! Another good thing about this level is the water bar thing. It's cool to see that it matches up with the level and the fact the character needs to find water makes it more survival-like. This level is like surviving the desert. I like that this time you can see the snakes as they are red and if you step on them they do damage- which is really cool. 

Desert level example
Desert level example

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